The End of Turkey Day

thanksgiving day was busy for Santa

Wow! What an incredible day. I guess the Christmas season really is here. Don’t misunderstand me… I am completely and utterly excited about Christmas but it seems this year it just slipped up on me. Maybe because I have been so busy with all the administrative responsibilities of my job these past few months, I have just kind of lost sight of the big picture. Or maybe it’s because I have been dealing with my back for so many weeks now. Regardless, it’s here and I am ready to go.

Today really did kick me into gear. And I needed it. The alarm went off early this morning because I wanted to get a work-out in. I took my ibuprofen, did 30 minutes of ab work, went for a short run, and then did some weights. I was dripping with sweat when I was done but still craving a cup of coffee. I poured a cup of Joe’s Addiction Paradise Blend and grabbed a couple of the newspapers to read while I cooled off.

By the time I got out of the shower, Mrs. Claus was up and busy preparing the Thanksgiving meal. She had my breakfast waiting for me… what a darling! I quickly ate breakfast and then rushed off to meet Jingle at the HQ to review the schedule for the day and the rest of the week (by the way… it is gonna be crazy! Do you know how many mall appearances, parades, and tree lighting ceremonies there are in North America alone this next weekend? Then we have to put up all the decorations here at the North Pole on Tuesday. And the following weekend is when all the festivities really launch in Europe… markets, tree lightings, etc.) 

The good news is that everything is looking great for this year’s Christmas Eve operation. All our supplies are lined up, factories are ready to roll, government relations are strong, long-range weather forecasts are favorable, the reindeer are in tip-top shape, and the sleigh has been enhanced yet again to carry a bigger payload, more efficiently. it is as strong as it is ever been going into the system.

After the meeting, Jingle and I walked back to the house together. We arrived just in time for the big Thanksgiving day meal. As is the case every year, Mrs. Claus out-did herself. And as is the case every year, I ate way too much. I was feeling quite sluggish as I pulled myself away from the dining table and headed to the flight operations center. There was no time to take a nap… I had to fly down to New York for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. And from there it was off to some NFL game between the Dallas Cowboys and some other team (I can not for the life of me remember!). What a game it was! Unfortunately, one team lost, as is the case with most sporting event outcomes. I found the whole event very entertaining, right until the turkey kicked in and I was asleep in my chair. I was embarrassed for sure, but hey… it happens.

Mrs. Claus and I hosted some friends for coffee & dessert so I had to get back quickly after the game. We had a great time visiting but by the time they left, I was exhausted. I think I’m getting lazy in my old age! I kicked back in the recliner to just catch my breath for a minute and the next thing I knew, Mrs. Claus was waking me. I told her to just let me sleep and I’d come to bed later but she reminded me I promised to post tonight. So I poured my last cup of Paradise Blend coffee for the evening (tomorrow I break out the Joe’s Addiction Christmas Blend! I can’t wait… it is my favorite! Okay, the truth is it is the Paradise Blend, I just call it the Christmas Blend. Somehow that makes me more festive and in the spirit of the season!) and made my way into the office, where I am now, to write this post. It’s been a very good day… spending it with friends and family, celebrating the Holiday season in New York, and attending a Thanksgiving Day tradition with the Dallas Cowboys. With all that… and now snow falling outside my window and the fireplace in my office roaring & crackling behind me as I type… I’m definitely in the Christmas Spirit. That’s a very good thing because the Christmas season is NOW. Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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