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My Philosophy

I have only been Santa for about three decades.

It has been a privilege to carry on the traditions of generosity and love found in the life of the original Saint Nicholas.

I have met thousands of children and heard their stories; not just their lists of gifts, but their funny and poignant, miraculous and heart rending aspects of their lives.

I consider the invitation to be Santa a sacred responsibility.

Outreaching far beyond the cultural seasonal “popular role” of the jolly bearded gift giver who bestows rewards for those children on the “nice” list!

To me, Santa is much more than a magical toymaker who doles out gifts once a year in a whirlwind “around the world” flight!

Santa is a symbol of several “values” embodied by the “real life” of the third century child, and later Bishop of Myra, Turkey, “Nicholas” himself. Among those values are love for all, generosity, compassion, kindness, healing, humility and selfless secret acts of giving and ministry.

It is my desire to emulate and practice those same values, not only during this “Christmas” season but all year round.

I intend to receive every person, especially each child, with love and respect. To greet them warmly and devote my fullest attention to them, to listen to them and to exchange in my words and my actions my most supportive and encouraging messages.

I commit to do my best to live by these values in all my encounters with children and adults.

Santa loves you…help me pass it on!

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