Welcome To Christmas 2023


Personal Santa Home Visits

Continuation of Santa Dan’s traditional Oklahoma visit in your home. $250

Schedule your in-home live visit from Santa by clicking the Schedule button below and selecting the “Home Visit” option. You’ll be able to select the date and time of Santa’s visit and “SQUAREUP” will securely process your payment via credit card or debit card.

Photos With Santa Dan (Bring Your Own Cameras. Take Your Own Pictures.)


We have secured a safe studio space to allow you to have a 10 minute in-person visit with Santa and have your annual Santa picture tradition continued. All safety protocols will be observed.

This is the event you have been waiting for! Time with Santa himself! Bring your cameras and take your own pictures. Arrive early to be sure to get all the time you need with Santa.

Scheduling and pricing for sessions will be 10 minutes reserved time for you alone. No crowds to contend with! Bring your own camera and take as many photos as you want. Reserve your spot by clicking the button, and it will take you to a calendar of available times for you to see Santa Dan in person. 

Professional Studio Photos with Santa Dan

If you prefer a professional studio look, please schedule your session with Santa through Kelly Lynn at l’atelier.

Special Events And Public Appearances 

Appearances and special events at churches, business clubs, parades, and other venues will continue this year. Pricing negotiable. The pricing of each reflects the time travel and expenses related to each choice. All by appointments only. You can schedule all by date and time.

Santa Dan can be scheduled by calling Santa’s #1 Elf Stefanie at (405) 201-2763.

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