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virtual zoom meeting with Santa for the whole family

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This can be the best Christmas ever for your kids!

Guaranteed to astound your child!

Keepsake Santa Video Includes:

  • Personalized Video from Santa Dan
  • Children’s names and other specific information will be incorporated into the visit.
  • Unlimited sharing – Share your video with family and friends everywhere
  • FREE BONUS! Christmas Video access to special Santa message
Reserve your personalized Santa video now


It’s personalized and very thrilling for young kids!  You can choose the perfect moment to show the personalized Santa Dan Video to your children and watch their eyes light up with excitement. 

The countdown to Christmas is on and there are only a few days left until jolly ‘ol St. Nick makes his visit down chimneys around the world. If your kids are on the edge of their seats and need a brief visit to tide them over, Santa Dan will visit you by video in the comfort of your own homes, without having to face the madness of the malls.

Reserve your personalized Santa video now

Christmas video from Santa

Personalized videos from Santa Dan is a service that sends you a customizable video greeting from Santa himself. Upon ordering the Santa video, you will be prompted to answer a series of questions about your child. Boy or girl? Favorite pet, etc. And then more detailed questions like how old the child is, what the most requested Christmas gift is, and if he or she is working on something in particular, like eating vegetables or stopping thumb sucking. 

After the questions are answered as if by Christmas miracle, a fantastic video will be custom filmed by Santa Dan talking directly to your child about his visit, and how the child has been this year. 

Kids will be more than euphoric to know that Santa has sent them a very special video message – and it’s the perfect thing to help kids contain their excitement while they wait for Christmas morning.

Personalized Video Messages from Santa Claus

Though Santa attends parties, appears in parades, and visits with children in person, he is not too busy for you! Santa videos are not just for toddlers and children, they are also for adults! It has been a hard year for everyone and maybe an encouraging message from Santa is exactly what the doctor ordered! 

Order them as gifts for your friends and family. You will be sent the video and it will be up to you when to send them on. We are excited to say that he now also makes time to create Personalized Santa Video Messages for your family, friends, and business associates. 

A personalized video message from Santa is a great way to add cheer to anyone’s holiday season.

Reserve your personalized Santa video now

Message Suggestions:

  1. to an entire family (a video Christmas Card)
  2. to a family or to children during the holiday season to build anticipation for Christmas Morning

Your message is tailored to your request and can be delivered on any day. You can choose!

The more information that is supplied to Santa the more connection the recipient(s) will have with the video.

To place your order:

Click on this link.

Select a date. It really doesn’t matter about the date and time, just click any available slot to guarantee your child will get the personalized message.

You will be directed to a questionnaire requesting all of the specifics for your “Personalized Video Message from Santa”. A questionnaire will be filled out for each video ordered.

Santa Dan short will visit you and your children in your home via a personalized video

You are done! You will receive a confirmation in your inbox and an additional invitation to a very special Christmas Eve online event hosted by Santa Dan himself!



Reserve your personalized Santa video now

“It was all so simple. I just clicked on the appointment and I selected the event (It was a large time slot and I realized that it was just to reserve my recording) and I was immediately directed to PayPal and a short questionnaire that asked me all the basic questions about my kids and their pets and favorite subjects at school. After I paid and finished filling the questionnaire out, I was sent an email right away confirming my order. When I received my video, I could not have been happier. It was everything I was hoping for. I haven’t shown it to my kids yet because I am saving it for the week of Christmas when she is begging to open a present early. But I know when I do, she will freak out! She loves Santa Dan, and every year since she was a baby, we have always gone and seen him live and in person. This year with Covid-19, we are doing things a little differently, and I knew visiting Santa Dan was not in the cards. So when I discovered he had this new video idea, I was thrilled. It was the perfect end to an absolutely difficult year.”

-Gail Chisom
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